May 03 2009

How To Start Earning Residual Income From Your Digital Photography

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With the economy the way it is, more and more people are turning to freelance work to get by.  One profitable business that has become cheaper to start is selling digital photography.  You take a picture, polish it up a bit and upload it and get paid whenever someone downloads it or buys it.You can still make money from photographs you uploaded 2-3 years ago.  I don’t know about you, but the thought of getting paid over and over again for work I did 3 years ago sound great to me.  Learn what you need to get started getting paid to take pictures.

First of all, why would someone get paid to take digital pictures in the first place? It costs the big companies less to pay you for each picture you submit than for them to hire a bunch of full time photographers and provide them expensive health benefits and other perks.And then you get paid when one of your photos gets downloaded.  You only get paid when an action takes place.  This places little risk on the stock photography site and most of the burden is on your shoulders. 

So yes, you can get paid to sell digital pictures and you can get paid well.You may find that you can make a nice income just from 20, 30, 50 photos on all the major stock photography sites.  If you are having fun learning how to make a living taking pictures, why wouldn’t you do it?

Here’s a dumb question but which seems like more fun, working at a desk all day or heading out into nature taking beautiful landscape photos? You can do it with a little action and as has been said before, you can earn residual income from the pictures you take.Take pictures of what sells the best, make sure you have the right keywords and get the money.

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