Dec 29 2009

How To Shoot Truly Artistc Glamour Images

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Human body has always been a popular theme to depict in fine arts. However, it’s far from easy to shoot aesthetically flawless pictures without falling into banality – so how can the latter be avoided? Let us see in which way glamour photography can make it happen.

Nude photographs first of all serves an artistic purpose, and so it is meant to create an appropriate impression – that of aesthetics rather than “oh, what a pretty lass!” kind of rapture. However bold they may appear, the chief goal of a good nude portrait is to evoke thoughts and deliver spiritual pleasure. Enough talk of abstract matters – we need some practical knowledge!

I offer you 7 useful tips that will help you take off into the world of nude Glamour Images with some knowledge of the subject and, hopefully, great motivation.

  • Balancing artistry and vulgarity is a must: you don’t want the latter, you want the former. Accentuate the natural curves of model’s body, nuances of texture, light and shadow – great nude photos emerge out of these visual trifles. Displaying too intimate details should be avoided – people usually feel uncomfortable when staring at someone’s genitals. Rely on your artistic taste to decide what will look great and what should be avoided – it is a more reliable criterion than strict rules of glamour photography;
  • Unless you’re shooting a naked pirate, don’t succumb to the temptation of dressing up your model in pricely tokens: nude photography is about a human body, not jewelry and fancy trinkets. To create an impression of glamour and elegance, you only need something pretty and sophisticated to complement the composition – but not to draw the viewer’s attention away from your model;
  • For practical purposes one should always avoid using so-called “hot lights” in a studio. At all times, cold lights are more appropriate – for the sake of saving electric power, not sweating like a pig and having more space for creativity. You would also want to obtain some soft-boxes to get more diffused light. Frankly speaking, subtler light is preferable for glamour nudes, as it usually makes the images more erotic and sensual;
  • Watch out for the proportions: shooting from too high or too low might make your model look either a long-legged giraffe or a humpty-dumpty. You don’t want any of that, do you?
  • Be creative. To break the limits and stereotypes, combine and try different approaches, styles and techniques – the outcome may be truly astounding;
  • Take as many shots as possible, will you? Seriously, you want as many photos as possible, in order to be able to choose from a vast selection of captions. No good photographer takes less than a thousand of pictures per session – just to have a vast choice;
  • Establish a connection with your model. She is not a “main character” of your shots, but the one who plays a vital part in the process. Your model is the second most important person behind the creative activity – if not the first. If your model feels uncomfortable, you won’t get anywhere – even if you’re Helmut Newton!

It’s never a piece of cake to be a nude portraitist, nor is to shoot Glamourous Photography. However, anything is doable if you don’t give up. Remember – a journey of thousand miles begins with one step! Or, in our glamour photographers’ case – with one flash.

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