Nov 22 2009

How to Sell Digital Photographs Online

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Do you want a convenient and hassle-free way to earn money online? Peddling digital pictures on the web is perhaps the quickest way you can rake in some cash. You have to start correctly though if you want to let the dollars roll in with minimal waiting time.

There’s nothing complicated about the concept. Simply use your camera, shoot pictures and upload the pictures to a stock photo site you have chosen. Each time somebody downloads your work, the site pays you a royalty. Provided there are people downloading your photographs today and in the future, you can look forward to an income stream from this scheme.

Word of non-professional photographers who managed to earn six figures from stock photos alone must have reached you. You have to ensure that your first move is the right step – if you want to earn a six-figure income too.

Foremost, consider who you are going to deal with. Have a clear picture of your typical buyers. Corporations, government offices, academic institutions, travel agencies, affiliate marketers, publishers – many of these entities will be your prospects. You can lengthen the list.

Photographs can be employed for a variety of purposes. For buyers, the use of the photos they bought online is primarily linked to communication – whether internal or external.

If you work for insurance companies, small businesses or a large corporation for instance, then usually you would have dealt with or seen a Powerpoint presentation. The ability of Powerpoint presentations to facilitate internal and external communication leaves you unsurprised why Powerpoint is favored in public departments and academic institutions. If you wish to maximize the effectiveness of your presentation, then use less text and more photographs. This technique is evident in majority of the most effective presentations in existence. A well-known saying comes to mind then: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Generally, marketing departments utilize purchased online stock photos to enhance any of the company’s communication outputs.

Digital photographs are also useful in facilitating a company’s external communication needs. One example of such type of communication is the launching of a promotional campaign for a specific holiday. Photographs make truly great marketing aides. Insurance companies know this and are carefully selecting photos that effectively promote one product to a preferred group of prospects. One example is the use of a family picture to promote an insurance product that covers family members. Use your eyes and you’ll notice that advertisement panels and pictures seem to always go together. Purchased photo stocks are a common favorite in advertisement panels. Many printed works utilize pictures as well: newspapers, magazines and free brochures, for instance.

Figuring out who your prospective customers are gives you a clearer preview of your market. The key to succeeding in your online photo-selling venture is to market the pictures that people are interested in buying and not those that personally interest you.

If you found these tips on Selling Photos Online helpful you might wish to find out how you too can Make Money From Photography.

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