Oct 01 2008

How To Recover Accidentally Deleted Photos

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Sometimes it’s just too easy to erase photos from your digital camera. Maybe because your camera’s designers wanted an easy way to delete photos while they were testing the design. One or two button presses and that unwanted photo is gone forever. Problem is, that means it’s a bit too easy to remove a photo instead of saving it, for later transfer to your PC or your Flickr account. Or worse still, you’ve formatted your whole memory card. Ouch!

Now, if that was on your computer you’d just open up the recycle bin and restore the photo you’d just deleted in error.

But there’s no recycle bin on your digital camera. Does this problem mean that the photos you took so much time taking are now just digital dust?

Fortunately, the answer is “no”.

But you need to be careful. The memory card in your camera is quite a lot like the system on your PC’s disk drive. The files you can “see” are the ones that you haven’t deleted. But the filing system hasn’t actually scrubbed all the data that makes up the photo. What it’s actually done is marked the “deleted” photo’s space as ready to re-use..

Which means if you’ve deleted a photo in error, stop doing anything with your camera before you’ve done your best to retrieve your lost work of art.

As you’ve guessed, you’re not the first person to press the wrong button. So there’s some software you can use to help.

It’s as simple as hooking up your camera to your computer as you’d normally do. Then follow a few simple, step by step instructions. You can watch a demo of how this works here.

The undelete photo software can recover single photographs, your whole camera memoryy card (in those instances where the card has been totally formatted) and also has a high rate of success with those annoying errors that can affect memory cards.

That’s all it takes to recover all your precious photos from your camera.

You can download this easy to use photo recovery sofware here.

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