Jan 14 2010

How to get hired in a photography gig

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Photography like any business will take a lot of work.Even if you enjoy doing it there are still a lot of work involved.Things like getting some customers to hire you is hard at first.  But like any business if you do the right things you can succeed.That would be the reason why we would be discussing some things in this article on how you can get your first photography job.

First off one of the biggest jobs a photographer can get is a wedding.This is a big job because the couple depends on you to capture the moments on their special day and capture it forever in photos.  As a San Diego wedding photographer the best way to get your first job is to network. People are getting married all the time. So there will be people that always know other people who are getting married.If you would just speak up about the job that you do then you can get the first photography job you are looking for in no time.  Often times a referral is the best way to get your first job.

The next big type of job is to do some corporate work for some big companies.  This is a tough one because they want people with experience in this type of work.  As a San Diego commercial photographer the way I got my first job was to look for smaller companies.  But there are small companies who cannot afford expensive and experienced photographers.This is a very good chance for you to land the job because they might as well give you the responsibility to do the job.

Finally there are events or portrait type of jobs that you want.There are many big events out there which you can try.  As a San Diego event photography service I got my foot wet by taking photos of events.These jobs had no pay but the goal was to build up my portfolio.And these would be the way to impress my would be customers as they would my work through my portfolio.

So those are some ways a new photographer can get a job.It takes a lot fo hard work and perseverance but it will pay off.

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