Nov 29 2009

How To Easily Turn A Child’s Imagination Into Vivid Pictures Using Green Screen

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Want a fantastic green screen photography niche to boost your business?

So, without a delay, take a look at children’s photography.  From prenatal prolife pictures to a smiling grad, family and grandparents look eagerly forward to seeing little one’s grow up through photo’s.  Now stop and think of just how many special occasions and photograph sessions you can expect in a child’s life from birthdays to sweet sixteen, wow!Next???!!  You can’t forget the other top celebrations that people want special memories for such as:  Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and graduations.

You will be surprised by the extra residual income this niche market will supply your business with year after year.Who would really want to pass the opportunity to increase sales in photography, but what if the child is unwilling to pose for many portraits?

Here are 3 amazing opportunities you can increase your income with the same customer without you spending a huge wad to execute those sales.  I know you are smiling now!

I don’t know about you but my first early memories of being snagged with an adult close by always leaned to the age old question of:  “so what are you going to be when you grow up?”  Of course, it can be a simple way to get a child to warm up but often it can supply fuel to a child’s future by allowing them to create their own world.  It is always cool to hear a child’s response as they think of themselves as a police officer, firefighter, doctor or a ballerina.  Now picture that same child dressed up in their dream profession and you have an emotional drawn picture to make grown-ups weep.

It is easy and here is how:
1. Set up a green screen to take the child’s picture in front of.
2. Have the child dress-up in their famed professions (you may want to buy props firefighter hat..etc.).
3. Use a simple chroma key software to place the child’s portrait into the proper background.

What is even more fun is the gold star approach.  Find out what the child recently accomplished that the parents are bragging about.  It can be anything from a super sports star, a top grade report card to the ballerina ball award.

After that, set the child’s picture as if they are posing proudly next to their own display.  This can be accomplished by holding a pose to showing off a medal  with a green screen phtography background.  Using powerful green screen software, have them showing off that medal or posed as a ballerina in their famous play.

Thirdly, you can use themes to bolster your niches market.Amongst others, you may want to quickly check out what the child loves to do as a hobby or sport.  Find a way to make it into a fun photo theme.Picture setting up a digital ballerina scene, accepting roses from an admirer or a trophy in a competition.  Imagine the parents and child’s reactions to this themed photography.

Anything is possible when using this free green screen photography guide coupled with chroma key software – that does the hard work for you.

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