Oct 14 2009

How To Become A Photographer – Steps To Get There

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Photo by Mike Baird

Do you love shooting subjects with your camera? If you do, becoming a photographer might be just the thing for you. Photography requires no bachelor’s degree. So long as you’re not delving into the technical kind such as photojournalism, photography can be a walk in the park for you.

Choose a good camera to start with. A digicam with a mega-pixel count of 3 to 5 will work well. You don’t really need to splurge on something expensive. There are a few accessories you may not want to do without though, like a camera case and a tripod to protect your camera from exterior elements and shakes, respectively.. As you gain more experience, you’ll soon want to purchase a costlier and higher-end camera. Remember you want to enjoy the craft first. Once you’ve mastered the skills and want to level up, that’s when you should consider investing in a higher-end camera.

Take photographs. The sky’s the limit when it comes to your choice of subjects. This step is a must if you want to create a good portfolio and a good first impression for yourself. Showcase a variety of details in your portfolio: lighting, subjects, angles and backgrounds. It’s a good idea to ask your loved ones to help you out. These people can serve as your subject in the photo shoots. If you really want to strengthen your portfolio, consider finding your specialty. You can classify your photographs by theme.

Establish your niche. News and advertisements are some areas that some photographers have chosen to specialize in. Allot to the matter some serious thought. How about doing weddings, portraits or special occasions?

Consider the activity to be a freelance stint for the most part. Your earnings from photography jobs will most likely come from several clients since there are more freelancing opportunities than employee positions available. Basically you will be selling your skills to earn your keep. Several techniques in marketing can help you draw in your clientele base. A good way to market yourself is to direct people to your own website that showcases some of your best photographic works. Don’t fret about all those horror stories concerning your photos stolen online. There are easy means you can take care of the problem.

Assist a professional photographer. Very few individuals are lucky enough to enjoy the title “photographer” for their first job. You’re most likely to enter the field as an apprentice. Maximize the opportunity to improve your skills and strengthen your experience. One day, before you know it, you will be needing an apprentice of your own.

Educate yourself. Your sources of information are myriad: books, websites, library materials and seminars. Keep your knowledge current and improve your skills with the latest techniques.

Starting out with photography is really just a piece of cake when you have a genuine interest in and the passion for the art itself. There’s no boring moment with photography, because the art is colored with constant change.

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