Jun 20 2009

Help for Hiring a Quality Maternity Photographer

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It used to be called a confinement. A woman was pregnant but it was improper to appear so in public. All that has certainly changed. Indeed, being pregnant and adding girth is a part of life. It is natural and nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, many ladies and couples want to record the special time when junior was on the inside sticking out. Here are some tips to make maternity shots memorable.

First, get the picture at the right time. If you are going to hire a professional, then the best time to schedule the appointment is during your 30th week. The belly is rounded and protruding enough to highlight without being so close to birth that you could miss it.

Point two, try some creativity. Take some outside shots if the weather is warm. Indoor photos are best without a flash for the shadows highlight the subject, the belly! If the lighting is not enough, then stand by a window or accent the belly with artificial lighting.

Include your husband and other children in some shots. After all, older siblings are part of the family. It also records their size when junior was about to be born. They could all touch Mom’s abdomen or stand around with her in the middle. If you hire a photographer, be sure they are good at working with children to help them be serious but not too serious.

If you are going to cover your abdomen, wear tight clothing, like something that fit six months ago. Such will highlight the changes that have taken place during these thirty weeks. Some women want their belly bare in the picture. Just don’t wear something that would make you embarrassed after the birth.

When planning the picture, look around to make sure that your background is what you want remembered. If you have a pile of papers in the background, you may not want junior’s protrusion to be remembered that way. Instead, move to a different location or put up a backdrop like a sheet.

Secondly, look ahead. It may be the person who cherishes this picture the most in years to come is the one in the womb. Therefore, plan the picture with him or her in mind. It is the earliest shot of his hidden presence.

The final bit of advice is to choose a good photographer wisely. Yes, you could do it yourself, but since this child will only be 30 weeks old one time, you will probably want the occasion recorded professionally. Find a photographer who is experienced in taking maternity photography and who has the equipment to do it right. Ask friends whom they will recommend. Go in and chat with them to see if you are comfortable working with them. When all is in order, you will be glad you went to the trouble and expense to record this very special time.

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