Apr 16 2009

Helmet Cams User Guide

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You own a helm cam. If you don’t know how to use it well, I’ll help you. We’ll give you some tips what camera to choose, where to put it and how to use it, in order to get the best pictures and movie. Because you spent a lot of money on this camera, i presume you want to receive good quality.

You don’t know which helm cam should you choose from the multitude types. We will review every type of camera.

The first type is the cameras which are positioned on your head. This type of camera will be positioned on top of your body, on a helmet on your head, and you’ll be able to set angles and viewing.This type of camera is often used by extreme sports fans because it offers super images.

Second, you can buy a side-positioned camera. It offers the advantage that the side is avoiding branches hanging down on trails that might otherwise hit and disconnect the camera, but you won’t be able to get images as well as you could get from the on top helmet.

There is available a reverse camera with who you might get very spectacular views. The disadvantage of this camera is that you don’t set it’s angle very well, it will take images and film just the ski and it will miss the action.

Because there are available cams for motorcycles, you can get good views if you mount them on the front wheel. You’ll get shaking films if you won’t stay as steady as possible.

Which cam do you think it is best for you?

Now let’s talk about the advantages of having such a camera and how could it improve your skills and you sport performances. Promoting yourself is one of the advantages, because the cam will record in a professional way and you don’t have to pay for these types of services. Then, you’ll be able to study your moves and see if something is wrong. You can also steal from your friend skill or you can correct them if they are doing something wrong. You must own this cam especially if you are an extreme sports fan and athlete.

Learn about helmet cams.

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