Jul 08 2010

Glamour Images: Facing The Future

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Should I be afraid? I’m into beauty pictures. I take pictures of living people. I follow a completely digital workflow. Will I be completely outdated soon?

What I wouldn’t give to learn where the path of progress will lead Glamour Pictures. And I would be happy to share this with you, dear photographer, in my glamour blog. There is a possibility that we glamour artists will no longer play our part in this miraculous world of visual art. Almost a half of the whole creative process is now performed in applications like Photoshop. Even though we still own the most responsible part, which is the taking of a picture. The time may come though when photographers are replaced by specialized 3D rendering software.

If we want to get the whole picture though, we really need to reminisce about the past and carefully study the present.

There was time when beauty images and glamour art only existed in the form of oil paintings. The full range from simple, innocent face portraits up to full body nude portraits was popular and was painted for example by famous artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. Cameras dawned just “recently” in terms of world history – in the middle of the 19th century. Those things were big, heavy and slow-performing: it would sometimes take hours to produce just one decent shot. Nevertheless portrait photography quickly acquired popularity, though subjects had to remain motionless for quite a long time. It was customary to utilize head-clamps, so the subjects could hold their head still. Quite obviously, the sight of a person with a clamped head had little to do with glamour.

With the advent of photography and the advances of camera technology the game changed. Shooting photos on film made it affordable and practical to shoot glamour photos. Such images attracted attention of magazines. I remember when the Playboy photographer David Mecey mentioned the recent time, when they took photos for Playboy centerfold with large format cameras – otherwise the quality would suffer. This meant that they had to use a ton of light and a lot of times they blew the fuses of the location on which they were shooting when they started to use their strobes.

Currently glamour photos are pretty much always taken with digital cameras. Those range from small to medium. Due to the increasedquality and resolution almost any digital camera can produce a photo to fit on a magazine’s centerfold.

Now future of Artistic Glamour Photography will be quite interesting. Will we experience the rise of 3D rendering applications? In this case we can well see this future right now. My favorite German magazine on Photoshop now features more and more articles about 3D rendering programs. I spot more and more glamour type generated images online. Some of my friends on the Web who are complete virtual identities and such: they post entirely rendered pictures to Flickr. Their own virtual glamour gallery! When looking through some websites it appears everybody uses 3D applications only to produce some exotic and good-looking female characters, elves and so on. Such rendered pictures possess many attributes of traditional glamour photos.

It’s possible that we glamour photographers will become living anachronisms. Glamour artists be wary, but don’t fall to panic! I will always support what I’m doing. Since oil is still so popular, as well as film, I’m sure there will be great interest in beauty photos made with digital cameras, perfect light and enormous dedication.

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