Apr 10 2009

Finding the Best Digital Camera to Buy

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Digital camera technology moves forward so quickly these days that it often alienates its potential customers. Finding the best digital camera to buy should really be quite simple with all the consumer reports and comparisons available both online and in written periodicals. Drawing the money to pay for it out you decide on a top of the range 10 megapixel resolution, 12 times optical zoom compact camera with a two and a half inch LCD screen for excellent viewing of the images afterwards. Can you imagine your surprise when you find that the camera you have researched so diligently and have set your heart on has been usurped from its position of best model with a newer more expensive version.

We sigh because the manufacturer of this amazing gadget claims that this is the best digital camera yet out in the market. Because we always want to have the best, we decide to buy this latest best rated digital camera deciding to pay the extra but use our favorite credit card. Don’t worry though if you are not sure what to do; just follow the guide below and you shouldn’t go to far wrong. First off try and search out a model with a higher number of pixels, referred to megapixels; you ideally need over 5 although with today’s cameras it would be hard to find one under that anyway.

Although it is not always the case, a good rule of thumb is the more pixels you have the better the image will be when it is printed. This increase in megapixels means that poster size pictures can be easily printed. Good quality models are now using large LCD screens around the 2.5 inches area which is great for viewing them afterwards and for framing the shots perfectly. The best quality digital camera will be able to touch up and edit the images this is an excellent feature to have as standard.

The larger the display the better but remember that the greater the size the screen shorter the life of the batteries. More and more digital cameras are coming equipped with an optical zoom and this is the sort to try for even if it is only a three times power. Low spec cameras that only cost a fraction for their quality cousins will only have a digital zoom; unless you really aren’t at all fussy about your shots you would be well advised to stay clear of buying a digital zoom only camera. Your camera will normally come with a memory card albeit a small one so you will probably need to buy a large capacity card, so use the one you have to make sure you purchase the correct one.

Memory cards are used in all sorts of electronic gadgets and you may already have heard of the main ones: Sony’s Memory Stick, compact Flash, Secure Digital and XD cards for example. Purchasing a large memory card means you can store larger resolution images and many more of them but sometimes the larger capacity cards might not be compatible with your model. Prices for the large gigabyte cards now are almost the same price as one that was only 64mb only 2 or 3 years ago. Your life and interests should really be the ideal measuring stick for the type of digital camera you ultimately buy. Whether you use your camera for fun or for serious photography, as long as it is used it will be worth the financial outlay.

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