Jul 15 2009

Finding info about photography on search engines

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If you have been using the web for some time then it might surprise you to find out that in some countries it is still new and the need for such tutorials is in high demand. I have taken the time to share with readers of this site this piece of article to assist those who are interested in photography and are new on the web.

It is now very easy to find any kind if specific information about about photography quickly. A few years ago you needed to take the whole afternoon at the library searching through hundreds of books for help on this topic.

Today you can simply take 5 minutes or less and find all the information you need about photography or specific topics of the same subject.

With billions of pages available for you to check out how best can you find this information online? The answer is  – through search engines.

Why not take a few minutes to read through these few points I present below to help you with you your search. I have written these such that I do not waste your time but add into your quest to finding the best information and content online. I understand that some readers of this site already know some of this information but for the beginners online this will prove to be helpful.

These tips can work in most search engines but I base most of them on Google.

Use of commas in your search query can help you narrow you search to the pages with the exact information you want. For instance to find a college course about photography, just type in “photography courses”, For a career search on this topic just type “photography careers”. The retuned pages will be those that have the exact wording you entered in the search.

Another alternative is to use the “+” operator. For example, if you enter a term like “documentary about photography”+ “photography books” will show you pages that contain both those topic within the page. 

You can enter the word “site:” then follow with the domain name and lastly the keyword.Using this one will enable you to search through a site of your choice only.

By following these tips you should be in a better position to find anything online, could be you interest – photography or information you may need in the near future like cell phone number reverse search.

Now take some time to enjoy the great content offered by this site before testing your newly found skills.

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