Dec 06 2008

Find Out About Canon Powershot SX10IS 10MP Digital Camera In This Review

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As a amateur nature photographers, you can find it difficult to capture good close ups without getting too close.

You can capture picture close up or far away like a pro with Canon Powershot SX10IS 10MP digital camera.

Power SX101S is making its foray into the range of Canon digital cameras. It is an improved version of the S5IS. The latest model now includes enhanced DIGIC4, making it possible for you to shoot constant pictures for non-still scene, and magnified resolution of 10 mega pixels.

Taking impressive range shots is no longer a problem. Thanks to SX10IS’s large 20x optical zoom. Snapping natural photographs is impressive enough that the subjects don’t know they are being filmed.

The range for its wide angle is amazing. It measures from 28mm to 560mm. It makes a breeze for any photographer to take pictures at close ups or far away.

Its face recognition technology recognizes human faces at most angles. On the display screen, you will see a focusing rectangles on the faces when it completes the face detection. Don’t you think you can focus better on faces with this feature?

If you are using a long lens, then the additional of optical image stabilization (OIS) and motion detection in SX10IS is a plus point.

Canon Powershot SX10IS camera is larger than its forerunner. If you are a beginner, then you may find it bulky. Soon, your fingers will adapt to the design of the camera and you no longer have problems with shaky pictures due to the improved grip. Another good thing about the new grip is that you can prevent the camera from dropping.

The upgraded design allows you access the buttons on the Powershot SX10IS. You can adjust a variety of settings easily such as Shutter-speed priority AE, Custom mode, Aperture priority AE, Manual exposure and Program AE.

The quality of the shots taken with SX10IS is exceptionally outstanding. You wouldn’t believe the fine details of pictures with this 10MP digital camera when you take shots for close up. You don’t need to blow out light areas anymore when you want to take pictures under natural lighting. Thanks to Canon’s i-Contrast feature.

You can’t deny the fact that the quality of the picture taken with SX10IS is still can’t match the standalone DSLR lens. I still feel that this camera is very easy to use. I’m impressed how fast it starts. For beginners, this camera would be a perfect choice. You can save money instead of investing in a DSLR camera.

Probably you have seen the reviews at CNET or DPREVIEW. However, you’ll find unbiased opinions from the customers. We took the liberty of extracting some quotations of the users from,, and digital camera forums. Following this Canon Powershot SX10IS review, it would justify the purchase of Canon Powershot SX10IS.

“In initial testing, the face detection technology seems to work well. I can take a self portrait now and the lighting comes out very good. I think the technology has gone from buzzword marketing to true usefulness.”

“This camera’s 28-560 mm is what makes this camera like no others. With the 100 or so pictures produce for me so far, it looks a feels like a winner.”

“The image stabilization is pretty good and even if you are moving (hands not stiff as well) the picture comes out great.”

“Forget the time setting up a tripod since it has built-in image stability. Forget changing lenses for the scenery shot versus the distance shot. The image quality is very good, has more mega pixels than my Rebel, and even fits in my wife’s purse.”

This is a very good camera for both beginners, intermediate and advanced users. Canon has given great features in this hybrid camera giving a 10MP and 20X optical zoom. The image stabilization is pretty good and even if you are moving (hands not stiff as well) the picture comes out great”

“Build quality is amazingly solid, though. Video recording is intuitive and the quality looks good – plus you have full use of the camera’s very quiet lens.”

“The picture quality is better at higher ISO’s than previous models.”

“Functionally, I’m very impressed so far. This is a significant reworking of the S5, rather than a previous model lightly warmed over.”

This camera in a good investment for taking great photos.

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