Apr 07 2009

Digital Photography versus Classic Photography

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People don’t really know how to tell the differences between digital and classic photography. Some people are simply too young to have owned an old film camera, others don’t care about electronics so much. There are extreme opinions on both sides. Digital photography fanatics don’t even want to hear about the old and outdated classic camera. And the debate become more and more interesting as professionals step in. Those who use digital photography as an art, are aware of the advantages of classic photography as well, and can’t tell witch is best.

The traditional inclined person would say that everything about digital photography is created to disguise and alter reality in such a way that you aren’t even permitted to speak out your opinions about that image. Of course, the macro function is subject of this affirmation, it and its blurring effects. The macro returns different shades of faded colors and objects, therefore if someone looks at that certain picture he will be forced to look at the center subject, as everything else is blurred already. Playing with shades and bringing this central areas in the first visual field makes people less critical of the picture and this is considered bad. The extremists of classic photography forgot they are also using flash and now argue flash pictures also. They are actually referring to night shots, witch should not be taken at all if flash is used. They claim that night pictures are not meant to strike out certain details and they should only reveal the big picture, covered in darkness and shades.

On the other hand, those who are not as reluctant to new technologies, praise digital photography. They praise the macro as it offers them what they need: a picture with a visible subject. These people are happy to see others see in their picture the exact thing they wanted to point out, they like the picture as they imagined it and do not want other to have different views. And are thankful for having flash when the light is not so good and they still want to take a picture.

Even if you might believe it, digital photography could never ruin images. It enhanced to possibilities of artists and brought life to so many variations that a simple picture can become so much more with a few little clicks. print digital photos

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