Jan 18 2010

Digital Photography Tips – How to Choose the Best Camera

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Technology and innovation has placed digital photography into the forefront in such a fast phase. Today the price of cameras are better, meaning it very common for adults and children to own digital cameras. This is not only because they are easy to use but also because many of these cameras are quite affordable. They are convenient to use with kids being computer literate at a very early age. Due to the big number of consumers of digital cameras and prospective aficionados of digital photography, the number of companies and manufacturers of various brands of digital cameras has become quite numerous. Knowing what to buy can be a minefield of information, if only it was easy as where to buy given the number of sales and stores now available to us. The huge selection available on the market can make your choice quite confusing. Some factors should be considered when buying a digital camera, below we have lited a few to help.


  • Price

When buying anything, it is usually the price that is first considered, unless the buyer is filthy rich. There are a large number of various brands of digital camera available, this allows you to browse and find a suitable camera within budget. Needless to say however, the more costly the camera is, the better its over-all quality is more likely to be. Therefore, if you intend to make a living out digital photography, putting more money in it becomes an investment and will be more beneficial to you in the long run. If you intend to use the camera for fun or a hobby, then look for something a little less complicated which in turn will be cheaper.


  • Intention for Buying

In connection with the price, you need to first think of your main reason why you wanted to buy the camera. As mentioned already, if it is to seriously take up digital photography, a good quality one will be the ideal choice. When using for everyday basic photographs then possibly a cheaper choice would be a camera with lower megapixels.


  • Durability

If buying, whatever amount of money is involved, you will of course want something that is durable. Technically, the more money you spend the more durable the camera should be. Always check this by feeling the camera in your hands and talking to a store clerk. Also look at products with a money back guarantee.


Aside from the abovementioned factors, there are still a lot of other important details to consider when buying a digital camera. Digital cameras can seem very ‘technical’, but you have to consider each technical aspect with care. Below are some of the most vital features for consideration:


  • Megapixel

Many of today’s camera is bought according to the number of megapixel the camera is capable of handling. Digital cameras have a wide range in megapixels, therefore some thought into how you want to use the pictures must be considered. If you are into professional digital photography, then you may opt for the higher megapixel types since you may enlarge the photos taken without compromising the integrity of every shot. Again, for everyday common use, no need for costly high-resolution digicams.


  • Lens Quality

Optical zoom lens of various cameras of today range from about 3x to 18 times optical zoom lenses. Again, it really depends on how you intend to use your camera.


  • Feel of the Camera

It is important to make an actual test of the camera by putting it in your hands and testing its familiarity. You cannot simply rely on how good the camera looks. It is best that it will feel right in your own palms to ensure great shots when already doing some digital photography.


  • USB Capability

Today’s gadgets are now almost always linkable to the computer, making it easier to transfer, modify, print and do many other things with it. Most digital cameras today are USB capable, but do make sure as not all are. For the sake of convenience always make sure this feature is incuded.


  • Manual Focus

Although optical zoom features are highly important, it would be handy to also have one with both zoom lens and manual focus. This allows you to have more control over your photos.


  • Tripod Feature

Although some may not find it important, it would be useful to have a camera that can be screwed to a tripod. As you progress you may need one, so better to have the feature now. This won’t always be used but the conveniencce of having one will help in the future.


  • Macro Setting

This feature, most especially in digital photography, will allow you to take photos of anything at a proximity of 3 to 4 inches. Without this feature may cause some unrequired frustration, particulary for a photographer.


Other important features can be considered before buying a digital camera that will surely help you produce great photos. You individual needs will depend on how you use the camera. In order to fit within your budget you may be required to lose some features, so you may have to prioritise.

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