Jul 13 2009

Digital Photography Tips – Five Tips to Getting the Best Portrait Shot

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Portrait photography is the most popular form of photography. Most people who know how to point and shoot a camera are all portrait photographers. However, there are of course, differences in its quality. Professional portrait photographers have certain characteristics that let them get the best out of their subjects. A portrait photo does not only mean a person’s image. Emotions and character can be shown in this manner. If you want to start shooting portraits and don’t know the essential elements, fear no more because these five tips can give you a head start.

Rapport: Building rapport with your subject is the firs thing that you should learn. Interest in knowing your subjects is a plus. If you get to know your subject and they know you, your they will become more comfortable in front of the camera. When the shoot comes, you have better chances of getting the best natural expressions of the people you are photographing.

Personality: It is important that your photos bring out the personality of your subject. You will only know this if you know the person. Understand who they are before you begin taking their photograph. Personality usually appears when the subject is not expecting a shot, so you have to be ready to take the picture when the opportunity comes.

Lighting: Most photographers prefer natural lighting. However since you want to emphasize the person’s face and character, you should always consider using artificial lighting. You want to make sure your light is evenly distributed and satisfies the angles you are looking to emphasize. Lighting can create amazing effects, especially if you are trying to create a serious photo.

Background: Most portraits have light backgrounds to emphasize the subject. You can also use the environment to add more character to your subject. It is important to make sure that the colors of your background and the dress of your subject complement each other. Backgrounds can create a dissonant feeling if it clashes with the subjects clothing.

Plan: Be sure that you are ready before you go to the photo shoot. Not only that you have all the equipment that you need, but be sure that you can handle the job properly. Prepare all the necessary materials and be sure to bring a good topic for conversation so that your subject can relax while you are shooting.

Portrait photography is a really enjoyable hobby. It can also be a profitable venture as long as you take the time to perfect your craft. However, remember that you should have the heart for the job because portrait photography’s first requirement is interest.

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