Apr 07 2009

Digital Photography in Winter

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In winter we are used to facing cold days and heavy snows. They all modify the usual abrogation of digital photography subjects and apparatus behavior. One of the most crucial things when taking pictures on a cold winter day it’s to be dressed comfortable enough, according to temperature and surroundings. Remember that it’s winter and dress accordingly. When dressing, put on several t-shirts rather than just one sweater, they can assure warmth for a longer time and if it turns out to be too hot outside you can get them off easier. Lastly, do not forget that a huge amount of heat is lost in the head area, so forget fancy hairstyles and wear a warm hat.

remember to wear proper boots and be careful not to have frozen hands. But don’t over do it with the gloves. Of course you can’t manipulate your camera if you can’t feel you hands, but did you try to manipulate it with gloves that have just one finger? I dare you to try it! The best thing to do in these situations is to view the image in your head, then point the camera at the scene you want to photograph and watch the picture though the digital display, without looking the lens. This way you can do everything with gloves, except for the final part when you have to push the buttons on the camera, and then for a brief few seconds you can take the gloves off and take the wanted pictures.

Every digital photography device usually has a good temperature tolerance, but when it comes to temperatures below 15 degrees Celsius, things could go seriously wrong. do not hit the camera against anything, not even by accident, handle it very easy when it’s so cold because its durability factor decreases a lot during cold temperatures. Do not open the camera and change batteries in such cold days, the simple fact that you are breathing over it could produce water vapors and ruin the whole device. Also, do not change memory cards while you are outside and the weather is too cold or too moist. The reasons are the same as in the case of battery changing.

If you are taking pictures of snowy landscapes, do not let the camera auto detect the setting. Taking snow pictures must be done manually because snow can end up grey if the camera darkens it to emphasis the subject. And use your flash to give extra light exposure, even if snow seems bright enough to your eyes. print digital photos

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