Sep 15 2008

Digital Photography generally provides easier ways to take photographs

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The use of film cameras rather than digital cameras is becoming much less popular. There are still a few professional (and some amateur) photographers who cling on to their favourite film camera. With the ongoing advances in technology, digital cameras can now take as good, if not better photographs with a lot less hassle, and certainly less ongoing expense.

Photography comes in many diferent flavours, some of the main categories being portrait, landscape and action. These can then be sub-divided into other categories, and sometimes the camera you use will be different depending upon the type of photograph you are taking. A Digital Photography Tutorial can be found for all types.

Portrait photography can cover a wide number of subjects including family, wedding, child, maternity, formal etc. etc. The equipment required in the main is the same, although accessories for backgrounds may sometimes need to be different. It is always advisable to ask your subjects what they require and where they would like their portraits taken before embarking on any detailed plans. This is especially important when preparing for family photography. Even a moderately inexpensive cameras can be sufficient. You can view your photographs as you take them and even when you are happy with the images you have taken you are still able to edit them with the use of a special programme on your computer. No more messy processing, air brushing and printing!

Landscape digital photography can be just as difficult. Although one thinks of this as just taking photographs of views, it can cover a variety of other tecniques such as close-up photography of plants or other parts of the landscape. The use of filters can can still be used with digital cameras although they are not always necessary, since the required effect can often be obtained on the computer during processing and printing. Macro photography is much easier with a digital camera as it can be easier to stay in focus close up.

Action photography is by far the most difficult technique to learn, as it requires a good eye, fast reflexes and good judgement of speeds etc. A good , fast digital camera is required as the less expensive versions can often take a long time to start (a few seconds is to long for this sort of photography. You need immediate control.) Again, a digital camera is a lot more rewarding and inexpensive than cameras with film etc. It costs next to nothing to take photographs with a digital camera so that you can take many photographs of the same action and one at least should satisfy your image of what you want. {This would have been much more expensive with the cost of films and processing in past times}{Even though film has generally been cheap, it is still more expensive than digital}. What’s more, with digital photography you can instantly see what you have taken and dispose of those images which do not reach your expectations.

To improve your skills, digital photograhy tips can be found freely on the web Brian the Photographer

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