Aug 02 2007

Digital Photography – Back to School

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As technology develops, the world of digital photography is becoming even more versatile and popular than taking photos with a traditional camera loaded with film. Many people simply point and shoot without wanting to learn much about what they are doing, or how to improve their technique.

But if you are among the growing number of people intent on improving your photography, why not consider taking digital photography classes?

What Are The Advantages Of Digital Photography Classes?

I recently completed a general introduction to digital photography that was a prerequisite to a course on portrait photography. The instructor was great.

The advantages are many if you are willing to take a course. Not only did I learn some new techniques and new ways to take photos, I also also met like minded people who can share stories of their own skills and weak points. It is being able to share information in this way that makes digital photography classes so appealing to many people.

Digital photography classes are also often designed to appeal to people at different stages of learning. For example, a beginner’s class will be aimed at people who have never previously used a digital camera, and want to learn how to take competent photos with one.

The aim of an intermediate class will be to develop the beginner’s knowledge and introduce more techniques and skills to make their photography more enjoyable and interesting.

Finally, for the more advanced student there will be a number of classes that go into greater depth in a wide range of areas. You may be able to take a class which teaches you how to produce excellent photos with night photography, for example.

How Do I Find A Class?

Your local college is usually the best place to start your search. I took my course at the local college, Mohawk, in Hamilton. Mohawk has a selection of evening classes you can enrol in, although some of these may only occur at certain times of the year.

Digital photography classes may also be run by your local photography club. Check your local telephone directory or library for notices and contact details of any possible sources of information.

When choosing from the digital photography classes that are offered, try to pick one that will stretch you and your skills as a photographer. Make sure though that you have the necessary basic skills and knowledge to understand the skills that will be taught on the advanced classes.

Photography is a rewarding hobby for many people. Digital photography classes can help you to turn average photos into excellent ones, and make your photo albums that bit more special.

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