Apr 05 2009

Digital Cameras make photography a cheap hobby

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With just a cheap digital camera,photography can be an inexpensive and satisfying hobby. Previously, prior to the availability of digital cameras, it was much more expensive, time comsuming, and tested your patience whilst you waited for the pictures to be developed and printed. The captured image is now instantly available. If it is not what you wanted, you can take another one or digitally alter it on your computer.

If, like many of us, you need a reason to get out into the fresh air and walk, photography gives you the perfect reason.Nature Photography can be very rewarding. The world becomes a different and exciting place, once you start looking at it through the viewfinder of your camera. Objects will appear to take on different shapes and forms in different lights.

There are a number of different types of photography and they can be split into two different  catagories – Amateur, ie those just for personal use, and professional, where you are earning some income from them. eg. wedding photography. Occasionaly income can be earned from an image originally taken just for fun meaning that the categories become blurred .

Two main areas can be created for the personal use photographs, memories – Pictures of your childrens bithday parties, their first steps, first prom etc; photographs of places you go on holiday; Family parties, anniversaries etc and ‘art’ photographs – pictures (often of everyday objects) taken because they created an image which impressed you for some reason. Light frequently plays an important part in these types of photographs.

Once you get hooked on photography you will find that you will never want to go out without your camera. Once your camera becomes part of your regularly carried accessories, you will be able to capture anything you see that excites your imagination.

Be it a baby held in loving arms or an elderly couple sitting on a park bench, everytime you take a photograph, it is important to carefully compose the image to create the feeling you are trying to convey. Unless you are trying to show movement,a whole subhect in itself, the image should be well balanced, The outsides are as important as the center. whilst modern Digital cameras can greatly improve standard protographs, they can also create difficulties if you are trying to be creative. If you are trying to depict speed or movement, it is often harder to do this with modern digital cameras with anti-shake, and auto focus functions.

The more you analyse the images you capture, the more satisfying it will become and the better you will get at it. Whether you are eight or eighty, simply by looking at the world through your viewfinder with imagination you can take good photographs. Age is unimportant.

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