Jul 19 2009

Digital Camera Tips & Tricks That Work

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If you haven’t already figured it out, I should probably warn you, that the route to getting a good SLR camera can be quite an odyssey. Especially, if your the type, that likes to compare, analyse, investigate, or otherwise dissect every possible pro and con of any item or service you pay for. SLR cameras can be a somewhat complex science.

So, don’t worry, you will get a good SLR with pretty much any camera these days. I’d stick with the major brands, and reputable retailer to hedge your bet. The best prices are still online, and the big online stores are as good or better than local stores with their return policies. Online buying is not just for price comparisons anymore. Olympus, Nikon, or canon are all reliable choices these days. For under a grand, you’ll find a lot of entry level SLRs to choose from. The Canon Rebel line-up with the XT, XTi, XSi, XS, and soon to be release T1i are definitely worth a look.This helpful tips for a digital camera and this canon eos 40d should help.

So, without much further adieu, let’s dive right in. If your a fan of technology, your gonna love this stuff, as there is an almost limitless array of jargon, and technological advancements you can learn about with SLR cameras. That information should serve you well in making your final decision however. As, that same technology that has given the consumer a wonderful number of features, has also forced the manufacturers to be extremely competitive with one another. The result many a lot of very capable SLR cameras loaded with features at pretty affordable prices.

There’s of course no rush, taking your time is never a bad decision with complex purchase. You may be tempted, to wait a little longer, and see what the manufacturers offer next week, next month, or next year. While I’m sure, it will be something better, be warned that this cycle never ends. There’s always something better coming out tomorrow. There will come a point when you need to make a decision, and start taking pictures.

Ultra compact cameras are, (as their name implies) very small cameras. They can slip into the smallest of places. Like your pants pocket, a shirt pocket, small purse or accessory pocket on your backpack.

The digital single lens reflex technology has improved the image quality. With the compact digital cameras, you have a lag time between taking pictures causing many photographers to miss some interesting shots.


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