Oct 21 2009

Developing Skills For Acquiring Photographs

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An Art Fair is a good spot to discover new talent At many, the artists are vetted by gallery owners. Here the quality of the work may still fluctuate dramatically, but the artist has found someone that has done due diligence on them. Other Art Fairs may be open to anyone willing to purchase of booth. With the advent of digital photography and desk top printing nearly anyone can become a vendor of their work Regardless of the quality of the photograph, there are other factors that should be examined or the purchased photograph may fade away in a year or so. The buyer need be aware. Here are some suggestions when looking at photographs.

First and foremost; do you like it? Don’t invest too much time analyzing why something is appealing. Maybe the boulder looks like Aunt Annie’s backside; making that connection might ruin the warm fuzzy feeling. Art is personal. If it is a big cash outlay, a second visit might be needed to make sure it wasn’t just the enchilada and margarita doing its magic.

Once moved by a work there are several questions that should be asked. discovering the medium is essential. Was the picture shot with a digital or film camera? Here’s the find out if it’s digital. There are many different types of printers and scores of paper that can be used for digital prints. Up until several years ago most papers suffered from image fade. The quality of desktop devices and papers has gotten better and now images can last from 15 to over 100 years in average use conditions. Is the photographer knowledgeable about printing machines and paper quality?

This points to a couple essential questions. Are the prints pigment based or a dye based print? Pigment holds up better in light and is more durable Dye-based prints don’t run or bleed as much improving.

What type of paper is the picture printed on. Usually the ink or pigment is designed to work best with a certain paper and printer. These are issues the photographer should understand. If he or she isn’t articulate concerning the longevity issue, then think twice before buying.

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