Sep 24 2008

Christmas Pictures with your Digital Camera - They will be Remembered

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See how to share your new Christmas Pictures with your family after Christmas

Christmas time is for strong feelings and for confirmation of relations to family and friends in an atmosphere of good food and nice traditions. Learn to make the best out of these memories with pictures for old and young with these simple tips for photography.

A simple point-and-shoot camera has a great potential for family pictures during Christmas time. Such a camera can also produce most other kinds of pictures during this important annual event. Small digital cameras aren’t that intrusive as big professional cameras. Se also Better Photos.

Here, I offer some basic photo tips and some more advanced photo tricks. If you follow just a few of them you will probably make more Christmas pictures that can help to remember each memorable Christmas day. You can start before Christmas day and get the full coverage of the Christmas time included, and also practise a little for your outstanding Christmas pictures this year.

Have your digital camera prepared for photography

Keep your digital camera in reach during all Christmas. Make sure your battery is fully recharged and your memory card has plenty of space for new pictures. Have your battery re-charger available, too, as you will take many photos with flash.

Share among family members the responsibility for taking pictures

For some Christmas events you might be quite busy serving the guest or helping older family members or being the one who should talk with everybody. Then just give your camera to another person and ask for him or her to take a lot of pictures during the event. Young people will often be very good at picture taking, not least because the availability of camera phones has facilitated that habit to even very young people.

Go close when taking Christmas pictures

Go as close as you can what ever you are shooting family members for Christmas or Christmas things and symbols. Most digital cameras include more in the photo than what is displayed when you frame it, unless you only use the digital display screen. You can always quickly check the result and take a new picture if needed.

Don’t be afraid of arranged picture taking during Christmas

Many situations around the Christmas tree are quite messy. Don’t worry of arranging a fine scene like grandfather in the big chair with the youngest family member on the lab with a big Christmas present in the small hands.

The background can improve the picture

Family pictures often have a messy background. When convenient make a few efforts to create a simple and ‘clean’ background for a photo of Christmas guests of own family members.

Arrange an all family members group photo

To have a picture taken if all family members get together for Christmas is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss. If possible think beforehand of a functional locality – indoor or outdoor with enough room for all, including the space for the photographer. Use a tripod to have yourself included. Take at least three frames.

Take several shots of the most memorable situations

When you have a very nice situation don’t spare your shots but take at least 3 alternatives. One picture might turn out to be much better than the others, and the first shot isn’t the best shot very often.

Take pictures without the flash turned on

As Christmas in the northern hemisphere is happening in the dark wintertime many pictures will be taken with the flash on. That is fine for many occasions but the strong flashlight will often remove the nice special Christmas atmosphere. Learn how to manually turn the flash on and off before any important Christmas gathering. Increase the sensitivity to say 400 ASA for natural light photography during Christmas events.

Take candlelight pictures

Candlelight pictures are a rewarding approach to Christmas photography as they generate a special atmosphere of old time and traditions. Include one or two faces in the frame together with the candle. You have to switch off the flash of the camera and improve the sensitivity. If possible support your elbows on a table or the like to avoid camera shake. Still remember to take some alternative shots. Many Christmas symbols are also fine in candlelight.

Take series of Christmas pictures

A number of Christmas pictures showing a process or an event from the phase of preparation, through the main activities until the final stage of saying goodbye or cleaning up can be very interesting later. This can be a fine task for a younger family member to take care of and it is so nice with digital cameras that we don’t have to worry of the cost of pictures that become failures. Such a series of Christmas pictures is excellent for a digital slide show later.

Take special interest in the oldest family members

As time goes by it often turns up that the last pictures of an old family member that passed away was taken at Christmas time. Without exaggerating keep that in mind and make sure you get really nice portraits of the oldest family members in good mood – every Christmas.

Make the best of the newborn and babies

Normally there will be taken a lot of photos of babies and the smallest children and that is a good tradition. Just pay a little attention to how to link the pictures of the children to symbols of Christmas and activities of other family members or friends during the Christmas event.

Preparing for Christmas – also a photo option

For children the waiting time to Christmas might be felt like infinity. For us grownups the time might slip away because of all the preparation for Christmas combined with our other duties. Shopping in the decorated streets, preparing presents and cooking food etc. are all fine options for your Christmas photography.

Throw away the bad pictures quickly

During Christmas or just after go through the Christmas pictures and weed all the bad ones out. When you have taken three alternative frames of the same situation, only keep the best one for the future. Be tuff, when editing your Christmas collection of pictures – that will reward you in the long run. Google’s Picasa picture organizer is a fine help and it is free at

Share your Christmas pictures

It is easy to share your Christmas pictures with family members and friends. At Online Photo Sharing you will find many options.

Find examples of Christmas pictures see .

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