May 11 2010

Choosing a Chicago Wedding Photography Studio

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Choosing the right photography studio is one of the most important decisions when planning your wedding. You might have heard some people say to budget more for your pictures than for anything else. These people must have realized that when it is all said and done having there memories captured in photographs is one of the greatest treasures you will ever have.


Questions to Ask


When choosing a Chicago wedding photography studio you must be prepared to ask the right questions. Write down your personal ideas, and share them with the photographer. You may want to incorporate a Chicago landmark into your photos, such as a park where the two of you met. An experienced Chicago wedding photography studio should have some excellent ideas and samples of work from around the city.


One of the most important questions is price and guarantee the studio provides. The price that a Chicago wedding photography studio quotes you should be in writing and within your pre determined budget. Also be sure to ask about their guarantee; this is a day when you don’t want to take any chances on your memories.


Ask yourself if you feel comfortable with the studio and the employees. Your wedding day will bring some stress and planning ahead to make sure you feel comfortable will make a big difference. Ask yourself do I trust this studio with my once-in-a-lifetime wedding day memories.


While interviewing a possible Chicago wedding photography studio to hire for your special day, ask them about the proofs, videos, and other special services they may provide. The studio may have a special on certain packages throughout the year. Trust you instincts and ask if it is possible to visit with some previous clients.


Chicago wedding photography studios should also be able to answer questions about there training and education. It is very important that the studio show that they are very professional and trustworthy. Paying for a photographer is a very important purchase, doing the proper research will help you to have a perfect wedding day.


Finally remember that this purchase as some would say should be a top priority on your list. Your portraits of this special day are priceless memories. Choosing a Chicago wedding photography studio that you trust with these memories is a very important decision. Taking the time to become an informed consumer will reflect in each picture taken on your wedding day.


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