Nov 19 2008

Canvas Prints Express Yourself

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Using Canvas Printing To Express Yourself

Taking digital photos and converting them to canvas prints is one of the easiest and best ways to truly express yourself.  A canvas printing of your favorite picture is something that really will stand out from a typical average everyday run of the mill photograph.The special techniques can make use of new and old photographs you have and convert them into canvas prints to hang in your office or home.

Important Aspects Of Canvas Printing

Many people consider canvas printing to be too difficult and in stead settle for sub par printing of their images.  The truth is that if you are willing to take the time to work on your pictures, you can use canvas printing to turn any picture into a work of art.  Whether you are doing still life, skylines, or personal subject is of no consequence as you can use software on you computer to make any these targets a reasonable subject for canvas printing.  I have seen people that do not even know how to use a camera be able to make wonderful pieces of art from images they either got from a friend or pulled of the internet.

If you do have a camera and want to get a fresh start on creating your canvas printing I suggest making sure that you have as high a resolution camera as you can find.Canvas prints are larger than a photograph which is why need to be careful that your image does not appear grainy.  While you can use software to correct those issues it is usually better to simply have a high quality camera so that you do not to make those adjustments.  In addition to that you will some kind of photo editing software.  The software of choice for most people is Adobe Photoshop.The tools built into the program will take your photo image to the next level of art.  Whether you are adjust color, cropping in other images, or drawing directly onto the image yourself Adobe Photoshop will have what you need to get the job done.

After you get all that equipment you now need to find a place to print your photos.  There are many places out there that specifically specialize in canvas printing.  Try to find one that does because more then likely once you get one print and see what it looks like, you are going to want to get more.  I would find someone that you feel comfortable working with that does not charge an arm and a leg for their pictures.  But getting your photos printed  on canvas this way can be expensive and much more expensive then regular pictures.  I would expect to pay a minimum of £50 to get it done and that would be for the absolute smallest of photos 10×8.  The larger ones can cost hundreds of pounds.

Once you have all of these things in order the only thing left to do is find the images you want to work with.  Whether you are using a camera, scanning in old photos, or downloading some public images off of the internet, once you have the physical picture you want to work with dive right in and start editing.Don’t forget to keep back ups of your work as you move along, this way should you mistakenly make an error you always have the saved version to go back to.  Once you are ready to go, get in touch with the printer, send them the image and see what they think.  That is about it to canvas printing, so get out there and get started today!

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