Feb 19 2010

Canon Speedlite Flash

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The newest Canon Speedlite Flash EX series use E-TTL II (through the lens) technology. These are flash metering systems that use a preflash and a metering system to determine optimum flash exposure.

Basically they work by determining the flash exposure through using the centre 17 metering zones along with ambient light metering. Zones which differ greatly in brightness are given less weight as they are likely to be small reflective objects.

The E-TTL II flash algorithm is incorporated into all Canons EOS digital SLRs. The system is designed to work in scenes that would confuse conventional metering systems (such as the brides white dress) to provide accurate flash exposures.

There are different types of Canon Speedlite Flash for different types of photography. You can get a speedlite especially designed for macro photography with a close up flash, either with a ring light or two separate flash units that are further apart and are fully adjustable.

You can use a speedlite fitted to the cameras hot shoe or you can get a bracket that fits to your camera and positions the flash to one side, this helps to reduce red eye in your photographs.

There is also an off camera shoe cord accessory that allows you to position your Speedlite up to 0.6m away from your camera. The Speedlite connector is fitted with a tripod making it ideal to use with Brisbane portrait photography .

The Speedlite Flash is designed to work with Canon Analogue and Digital SLR’s. It will enhance your photography whether you are an amateur or a professional photographer. If you plan to take photos inside then it is an essential addition to your photography kit.If you want to know something about Brisbane wedding photography and Brisbane portrait photographer ,kindly click on the links in this article.Maybe you can find something useful.

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