May 25 2010

Canon S90 The Great Value and Feature Pocket Digital Camera

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Canon S90 review

The Canon’s PowerShot S90 appears to represent exactly the sort of compact we like – a bright lens, good screen and easy access to a selection of manual controls. Then we discovered the control ring around the lens and thought it worth publishing our first impressions.

Camera resolution is only 10 megapixels, but the lens wide angle quickly with f2. Focal length (optical zoom) Can be arranged from the focus ring, with a choice of 28, 35, 50, 85, and 105 mm. Special, functions in this ring may be set again, for example, to set the compensation exposure, Set the ISO, white balance, Speed shutter, Focus, ApertureOr zoom. This is outside the existing arrangements in the wheels behind the camera control.

Honestly, the PowerShot S90’s stylish IXUS series like this make PCplus must get used to. A lot of new things. Exposure can be arranged. RAW format is rare in compact cameras have brought. Key positions shutter no longer just on the edge of the right, but rather entered. Flash can not be removed manually, but directly out on the left side when the camera detects low-light conditions. Penyembulan flash even had time to make PCplus shock (fortunately not to drop the camera).

Still, erstwhile customary, PCplus quite enjoyed Canon S90. Quick response. Results aim sharp. In low-light conditions, PCplus Just choose moda low light in mode dial without the hassle of this and set it. In moda low light, Automatically set to ISO 12,800. In addition, given the option of ISO 80-3200.

We do not impoverishment to botheration, PCplus Retributory dress moda automobile can detect set, Move, and present. There are also 8 other modes, skilled with a unofficial of apiece use constitute a agreement way in the LCD. So, do not have to bother flipping through the manual.

Rather unfortunate, NB-6L battery with 1000mAh capacity could only survive for 150-192 shots. Fortunately, these batteries can be recharged at charger available. Any time soon, approximately 2 hours.

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