Oct 16 2008

Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS 8.0MP Digital Camera

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This year, Canon rolls out the Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS 8.0MP Digital Camera. This camera is an updated design from the PowerShot SD1000 from last year. So what has changed? First of all, the aesthetic design, switched to a slightly different zoom range and most importantly, the added optical image stabilization feature. The mega pixels has also been raised from 7.1 to 8 mega pixels. The camera also features from refines features.

The camera comes in a wide variety of different colors, including silver, brown, blue, pink and gold. The different design is just slightly thicker than last year’s and this year’s model offers more rounded edges and a slightly curved indent on the right-hand side that provides a perfect placement for the middle finger when taking pictures with the camera.

The slider lets you switch to video recording, still image capture and of course, playback mode. Three dedicated buttons for Menu, Display and Direct Printing are still there, including one more control for the circular four-way rocker with a Function/Set button in the middle.

The SD 1100 includes a face-detection feature also. Flash output with white balance is a standard feature on this camera. To help with ISO settings, the SD 1100 IS includes Motion Detection Technology, which helps the ISO settings establish if there is a moving subject at hand when you have the camera set to High ISO Auto Mode. This also helps the camera shoot as a faster speed.

This Canon model also includes a 38-114mm-equivalent 2.8-4.9 3X optical zoom lens in contrast to last year’s 35-105 mm lens. What’s nice about this newer model also is the optical image stabilization feature, which should help if you shoot stationary objects in low lighting conditions. The Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS 8.0MP Digital Camera is a great choice for a relatively inexpensive ultra compact camera.

The good? The Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS 8.0MP Digital Camera offers great image quality, minimal shutter lag, high speed performance, a great optical image stabilization feature, face detection technology and an optical viewfinder.

The bad? The camera has no manual exposure controls and offers a slow flash recycle time.

The final word: The Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS 8.0MP Digital Camera  adds optical stabilization to last year’s SD1000 and still delivers just as impressive picture image quality results. What makes this camera even more appealing is it’s ultra compact design, 8 mega pixel output and optical 3X zoom lens. At $240 MSRP you can’t beat it! Visit our website for best deals on Canon Cameras.

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