Oct 15 2009

Bringing Memories to Life

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Many of us have many treasured photo albums that with just the flip of a page allows us to walk once more down paths that we have long since traversed. Dipping in and out of memories as though it all happened only yesterday – until we realise abruptly that our treasured memories are, in fact, from years ago, and we no longer remember where that snap shot was taken, or what year is encapsulated there in paper form. Though writing a brief note upon the back of our photographs is quick and easy, the best thing one can do to rekindle those special memories is to log them all, each one, in a scrapbook.

Scrapbooks present a wonderful way of raising the storage of photographs and other memorabilia to a more personal level. There is little doubt that retaining keepsakes from important events or occasions is the ideal way to recapture the essence of a particular moment once it has passed us by in time, but it is only in using a scrapbook that the story really comes to life. Our precious memories often wither in old shoeboxes, where they are clumped together into confused bundles and loose their special significance. Gathering our memories into a scrapbook allows us to suffuse fresh life into them once more, and bequeath the joy we once shared to a whole new generation.

A scrapbook is nothing less than our own storybook, where one can store particular items that capture the meaning behind the memories. The straw you kept from your very first date with the man you’ve now been married to for over twenty years, that’s a precious memory, but think how the memory of that date comes alive when you scrapbook that straw with a photograph of the new couple, and include your thoughts from that special night. How much more meaningful does this memento become to your children and your children’s children when it is conveyed as a part of the whole story of your love? What initially was just a small plastic tube found at the bottom of an old box is now a living memory, conveying a message that is far more deeper than you ever thought it could.

A scrapbook can be used to store your memories in the most precious and personal way. Share your life with a scrapbook instead of keeping it just to yourself, and relive your memories once more through the eyes of others.

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