Jan 08 2009

Best ways to sell your pictures

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Selling a picture is like selling a book.It takes a lot of time and effort.  The photographer owns the rights to the photo but he can sell the rights or he can sell prints of the picture. This article will help you learn how to sell pictures.

Selling the rights to use the picture is best done by submitting to a stock photo agency. The photographer can sign up on the website, and submit his photos.  In effect the photos are on display in the shop waiting for a client with a requirement.  If the picture fits the requirements, then the buyer can sign up for using the picture.  This can be for a single or specific use, or for use of the photo for a specific length of time. This is one of the best places to sell pictures.

Alternatively, like a book, the picture can be sold as a print.There are several sites that help you sell your pictures.  The buyer chooses what size prints he wants and these are sent via courier. 

Of course, the photographer can also have his own website, where he can sell the prints themselves.  This might be a good idea if he has a sizable portfolio.You would need to be promoting your website and this takes a lot of time.  He can do this via the use of internet marketing and SEO techniques.This may be hard for photographers who have experiencing taking pictures but not selling them.  This is where it would be wise to hire someone better than you if you can afford it. 

Having your own website where you sell prints would be particularly useful if you have a brick-and-mortar shop or studio.  The website can be a venue for advertising, as well as a source of additional income where he can have his clients order prints instead of going to the studio.You could showcase your work on stock photo sites and then grow to your own site as you build a prescence.  This would be an option for aspiring photos with limited capital.

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