May 14 2009

Best Practices to Hire the Right Wedding Photographer

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A cheap camera is sufficient to record most of the important events in our lives. But once in a lifetime events such as weddings deserve the extra expense of filming it right. Yet look in the yellow pages and you can see there are plenty of choices available. Follow these seven principles in choosing a photographer and you probably won’t be disappointed with the results.

1. Availability. A wealthy couple may want to hire the best New York photographer to capture their California wedding. But to most couples that isn’t an option. They want someone close enough so that transportation is not an issue. For instance, a couple in Virginia would choose a Virginia Beach wedding photographer. Also, considering that most weddings are on Saturday, you will want to know if your chosen day is open for them.

2. Skill. Photographing a wedding is much more than aim and click. It involves good equipment and expert skill. Everything is digital these days. What is the pixel range they will use for the pictures? The more pixels, the larger the file size but the better the resolution. Then what is the company’s reputation? What do others say about their skill in taking wedding pictures? Are samples available?

3. Personality. Imagine yourself working with them for several hours, planning your special day. Would they be good to work with? Do you think they would be pushy or would they try to work with your budget and wishes? Would they want to run the show or would they fit into your plans? Would they work well with any children in the wedding party?

4. Price. The average cost of a wedding in the U.S. now is over $20,000. Though you don’t want to blow your budget on pictures, you do want the quality of a professional. What is your maximum budget for pictures? Do they have options within this amount that include all you have in mind?

5. Service. How soon will you be able to see the pictures? Some even have a computer slideshow of the wedding pictures during the reception. That is certainly a nice touch. How quickly can prints be made available? Will others of the family and friends have access to them via a website or CD?

6. Options. Good photographers will have a wide variety of options to choose from. Do you want pictures taken during the rehearsal? Are the main pictures going to be taken before or after the ceremony? Do they have creative suggestions on making it special? Will the pictures be printable by others in the family off the webpage?

7. Integrity. Does the photographer deliver on the promises made? Is the photographer known for being on time and at the right place where they are expected? Are all the parts of the package you choose delivered as promised? Do they have other things planned that day or will they be there as long as you expect them to be?

You won’t want to reply on an amateur to photograph something as important as your wedding. If you follow these principles, you will probably not be disappointed with the person you choose. And if you’re close enough to need a Virginia Beach photographer, look up Expressions Photography. Their friendly and professional expertise will capture all the memories of your special day.

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