May 03 2010

Basic Tips For Images Of The Fragrant Rose Garden

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If you’re getting into photography and are looking for subjects to practice on, then the rose garden is a perfect choice.

Not only is it possible to produce beautiful photos more easily now, with the spread of digital cameras, but there is simply something very special and beautiful about rose photos.

These flowers lend themselves to being photographed, and it’s hard not to get a beautiful shot. You just need to remember a few tips for getting started.

Start with the focus. Say you want to capture a few of those climbing roses on the trellis. Not every one of them will be perfect, but you can focus on one or two of the best ones.

As you narrow the photo inward this way, it results in the flowers or foliage toward the side of the picture being slightly out of focus, so any imperfections will be obscured.

Keep in mind as well that if your rose garden opens toward the back of your house or driveway, you could end up with some house siding or a car fender in the photograph. So check the background very carefully.

The lighting is also important, as it is with any photograph. Different fragrant roses may show better in different lights, but mid-morning is generally a good time for doing garden photography.

If you go out earlier than that, the rose garden will still be standing in the first bright light of sunrise, which tends to cast shadows that are too sharp. For example, you might capture a spider web glittering in the sunlight between two stems, or find a bumble bee at work among the petals.

Remember also that no one has a perfectly steady hand, and there are likely to be all sorts of subtle movements through the fragrant rose garden. So a tripod is going to be a very valuable tool.

Be sure to add extra interest in your photos when you can, whether there’s a drop of rain on a petal of your red roses, or a ladybug on the yellow ones, or some other fine detail.

Keeping these very basic principles in mind, even if you’re not a professional photographer you can capture truly exquisite photos of your roses.

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