Jun 13 2009

Ashland Photography – A Beautiful Adventure

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I, Sean Bagshaw, am an Ashland photographer because of the many amazing opportunities for Ashland photography in Southern Oregon. There exist a large amount of cities I might have considered to live, and lots of areas I would live. Since arriving in Ashland Oregon to head off to  college in 1986, I have yet to be in another place I would have a preference to exist in. Since beginning my occupation as a photographer in Southern Oregon I have more reason to base myself in the Rogue Valley near Ashland. I travel quite a lot to photograph in numerous different parts of the US and the world, but being a local Ashland, Oregon photographer I always have great openings for photography close by to home. I time and again go out to photograph in town or in the nearby forest and parks on the early end of the morning. Spring and fall are my most loved times of the year to take Ashland photos.

In April, Ashland is only entering into its supreme spring phase. Between mid April and mid June I endeavor to photograph Ashland or the encompassing areas once or more times a week to keep up with the promptly developiong weather, blossoms and the changeing of seasons. I make several visits to a couple of my favorite destinations, for example Lithia Park, The Plaza, Main Street, Emigrant Lake, Grizzly Peak and the encircling hills.

The sister city connection between Ashland and Guanajuato was officially established in 1969.  I have taken a great amount of lovely pictures in that amazing Mexican city as well.  I am lucky to have been in many beautiful and photogenic places.

While I am frequently trying to find new and fun areas to find amazing pictures I will always remain a southern Oregon photographer and will continue to take Ashland photographs for a while to come.

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