Mar 09 2009

An Overview Of The Canon EOS Digital Rebel

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Canon EOS digital cameras are a great choice for even the novice photographer. When the Japanese founders began the company in 1933, they chose the name Canon because it implies precision. Their continued great products are precise and rarely give the consumer any problems. They have become one of the leaders in the photography community. The biggest problem for a consumer will be whether they will chose the new Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT or the EOS 20D.

Many things are alike when dealing with these two types of the Canon EOS digital camera. Both cameras have flash exposure compensation which basically means that the operator can adjust the exposure by telling the camera to allow more or less light in. One positive, for even a beginner in photography, is that both types of cameras can print directly to compatible printers. This will allow for ease in photo sharing with family and friends and will also help in cutting the cost of photography printing that can be so expensive at a film developer. So many options are alike on both cameras, too many exist to list them all.

Since these two cameras are alike in so many ways, their differences may be the key when choosing between these two types of Canon EOS Digital cameras. Size may play a factor when choosing a camera to fit the needs of an individual. The Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT is smaller than the EOS 20D. Another thing that is different is the outward appearance of the two cameras. The Rebel XT comes in a silver finish. Some lovers of the Canon EOS Digital cameras may not like this deviation from the basic Canon camera. Another appearance issue is that the LCD of the Rebel is on the back of the camera where the EOS 20D display is on top of the camera. Many other differences exist between these two cameras. A good reference point to start with is the website Here one can see all of the Canon EOS digital camera family and get help in choosing the perfect camera for them.

Choosing between the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT and the EOS 20D will be hard for even the die hard photographer. If money is not an issue, than the 20D may be the ticket. That particular camera is around $500 more than the Rebel XT. One thing can be for sure. No matter which type of Canon EOS Digital camera is chosen, all pictures will be precise. After all, that is the Canon way.

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