Feb 27 2010

Affordable Prosumer Level Sony Alpha Cameras

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When the Sony Alpha range of cameras was first announced, many photographers were excited by the potential that an electronics giant like Sony could bring to the digital camera market. Up until recently, Sony has spent most of its time and energies developing entry level Alpha cameras, but that strategy is now beginning to change, and Sony now looks committed to expanding its range of midrange and professional level cameras. The DSLR-A700 is a great step down that path, and the DSLR-A500 and A550 take it even further to show Sony’s determination to continue to grow the Alpha DSLR series.

When Sony released the A700 in September 2007, it was clear from the spec sheet that this was a camera that they wanted to be taken seriously. The A700 has a 12.4 MP CCD and rugged metal body which serves to protect the sensetive electronics onboard. With 11 Auto Focus points and precision sensors the camera has excellent focusing properties. Weather sealing was added around the buttons to keep out moisture and dust, and a dual card slot is used to give you the choice of Sony’s proprietary memory stick, or compact flash memory cards. The camera comes with a remote control, a high resolution LCD and Sony Super SteadyShot image stabilization. The A700 can shoot at up to 5 frames per second, but has no live view, flip out LCD, or HD movie modes. An updated Alpha 700 series camera should be coming soon, and it will surely address these issues. If you are looking for a shop offering Sony Alpha A700 camera repair you should be able to find a reputable repair shop with a couple quick Google searches.

With the A500 and A550, Sony has continued its tradition of releasing two versions of the what is essentially the same camera. The A500 was released in Oct. ’09 and has a 12.3MP CMOS with ISO capabilities up to 12,800. The same tilting 2.7 inch LCD found on the A300 series cameras are also on the A500 series, like the twin sensor live view. However, improvements mean that it is now capable of shooting up to 4 frames per second in live view mode, or 5 frames through the viewfinder. You also have face detection in the new live view, and the smile shutter feature developed for Cyber-shot cameras. Another new feature that is introduced is the in-camera High Dynamic Range function that will combine photos of different exposures to maximize the detail in shadows and highlights to great effect.

A DSLR-A550 costs around $200 more than the DSLR-A500; so what’s the difference between the two? Well, the A550 has a much higher resolution, tilting 3-inch LCD screen. It also has a larger 14.2MP sensor. The A550 has a speed improvement that lets you shoot at up to 7 frames per second if you lock the exposure in advance, and this alone may make sports photographers think that it is worth the extra $200 over the A500. If you are looking for a shop offering Sony Alpha A500 camera repair you should be able to find a reputable repair shop with a couple quick Google searches.

The A500 and A550 are both excellent cameras but neither is able to record HD movies which may lead some buyers to lean more towards Nikon or Canon instead. If this is not something that is important to you, then you can rest assured that these are among the best digital cameras in the Sony Alpha range.

Hopefully this will help you with choosing a Sony Alpha DSLR camera! When you want to have your Sony DSLR camera repair done by a reputable shop there is one shop that not only can repair them, but you can buy one through their Amazon store as well. The store is called Darntoothysam.com.

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