Apr 03 2010

Accommodate Your Images With Custom Picture Framing

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What do you do when your favorite picture or piece of artwork does not fit into one of the standard mat board and frame sizes? One option is to crop your picture or print, which may cause you to lose some of the picture.

Another option is to check into custom picture framing that allows you to beautifully showcase your picture in its entirety, as the frame will accommodate the picture rather than having to make the picture accommodate the frame. Most of the kits will also offer or suggest the best way to complete the project along with other hints along the way.

Unlike pre-assembled frames, a custom wood picture frames ensures that the fit will be perfect, as it can be built literally component by component. You can match your ideal frame moulding and mat to your picture, which in turn will allow you to express more creativity in coordinating your decor.

Choose from metal or glass picture frame options in pretty much any shape or style that you can imagine. Picture framing services will create a personal frame to your exact specifications, including materials, size and shape.

There are different components involved with picture framing, including the moulding, which is the actual metal or wood frame itself. The mat is an optional component that is used to provide an additional visual element to the framed art.

Finally, the glazing is the protective, transparent coating that is typically made of acrylic or glass.

With regard to picture framing supplies, many feel that the mat is the place to start when creating a unique, art picture framing look. You want it to compliment both the art and the frame, so typically the color or texture is a determining factor.

As a general rule when deciding upon the size of the mat is to measure the item you are framing and then subtract about 1/4 of an inch from your mat window opening.

You can use a mat in several different ways to create different effects that will enhance both the frame and the artwork when you use custom picture framing.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different sizes, colors and textures, as all of this will add visual impact to the art. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different sizes, colors, textures, as all of this will add visual impact to the art.

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