Apr 05 2009

A few Digital Photo Hints

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If you want more correct images, even if you can’t evaluate colors exactly on your PC or laptop display, there are sever easy methods that can be completed by anyone and that allow you to make your images as correct as possible :
– Keep lights away from your display.
– Demagnetize the display every week.
– Efficiently clean the display with a special solution for LCDs, to remove all the dust that was electrostatically attached during one week.
– Give up desktop images that are nice and colorful but in time affect the colors that your monitor read and returns.

To save battery energy on your digital camera remember that if you intend to take many pictures in a short period of time is more efficient to leave the camera on than to turn it on and off each time. It’s silly to turn it on and off every two minutes because the batter spent when relighting the display will cause you to waste battery life.

Many digital photography devices offer the possibility of adding special effects directly form the camera. As you would expect, there are advantages and disadvantages. Special effects pictures are done in a lower resolution than normal ones, so they will spend less memory. The image dimensions, with are smaller, means it lack quality and this could be seen as a disadvantage.

There is no other thing more important than an extra set of batteries and a spare memory card. Imagine you are in front of the digital photography image of your life and you get a turned off camera just before you wanted to push the picture button. Some might give up quality, thinking they can get more pictures this way. But low quality pictures look very small on computer display and you won’t understand much of them, that’s why you should buy an extra memory card also. photo printing services

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