Dec 19 2009

A couple of things you can do to take great portraits

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One of the ways pictures are taken most of the time is in a portrait style.Portraits are those pictures where you have the subject usually in a pose.Since it is such a regular way of doing it people are used to seeing variety.  But if you can be a little creative you can take some shots that make them different.With this article I would like to share with you some things you can do to make them better.

First thing you will want is maybe having the perspective of the shot from a different angle.What I am referring to is to have the photo taken in a different way not the normal way people would do it.  You can change where the picture is coming from.  This is helpful in my San Diego wedding photographer business.People are so accustomed to the way most photos are taken that when it is taken differently it makes such a big difference.  For example photos you can take from a high angle.Or you can make a common portrait and take it from the ground looking up to make it different.It can really change the photograph dramatically.

Another good photography is playing with the eyes.  Most photos are taken with the subject looking into the camera.  But the direction of the subject’s eye really impacts the picture.What you might want to do is getting the subject to look away from the camera.This really changes the look of the photograph and how it feels. Doing a lot of San Diego event photography I have my subjects do this all the time.

Another great tip you can implement is having your subject look at an object within the picture.This is so effective if your goal is to advertise something.You can have the product you are promoting be the thing the subject is looking at.  This is a trick that I do a lot as a San Diego corporate photographer.It really makes a big difference by bringing the focus onto the product.

So those are some tips you can do to really make your common photos uncommon.

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