Apr 10 2009

7 Great Tips for Producing the Best Digital Wedding Photography

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Digital cameras offer users and professional photographers a mostly infallible method of capturing scores of images from a wedding day. Sadly there are a few common mistakes that mean a photographer misses opportunities or gets into trouble when using their cameras for taking digital wedding photography.

Below are seven tips to use when planning any sort of digital wedding photography, and while some are “common sense” they have made the list because they are often issues that are simply overlooked.

1. Bring a backup battery – while this may seem like a “no brainer” the sad fact is that many amateur or first time photographers forget just how quickly their camera’s battery can fade when taking photo after photo. This is especially true for photographers who must use their LCD screen to compose and review their shots. If at all possible take spare batteries that are fully charged and keep them with you at all times!

2. Shut Up – there is no bride, groom, wedding party or guest who wants to hear distracting “beeps” or “boops” while trying to enjoy the ceremony. While many weddings forbid flash photography, a good or clever photographer will be able to use ambient lighting and their camera’s settings to capture images of the ceremony, but even without the flash they can still be found irritating if the camera is making many odd noises.

3. Going RAW – if your camera allows RAW, it can be a brilliant way to get some of the best digital wedding shots. This setting requires a very large amount of memory, but it allows for much more flexibility and can make the difference between several great photos of the ceremony and none at all!

4. Continuous shooting – digital wedding photography demands many pictures to be taken quite quickly and the refresh time on most cameras is just too slow for the speed of such events. If you are able, it’s advisable to set the camera to “continuous” mode.

5. Using the zoom – one of the brilliant things about digital wedding photography is that the equipment is often very small but loaded with fantastic capabilities. For example, a photographer can catch the small details, like rings, intimate moments and even flowers with the powerful zoom lenses installed in most cameras.

6. Have a spare? – most digital wedding photography really asks a lot of the flash, battery and memory of the camera. If a photographer has backup memory cards, batteries or a second camera it is a good idea to bring it all to such a special event as a wedding.

7. Understand the flash – during those times when flash photography is acceptable, an image can be enhanced by the use of “flash fill” and digital wedding photography allows this to be easily done. The camera can detect, even in the noon sun if the image will be better using a flash, and this should be used to ensure you get the best images.

Using these seven tips and tricks, your digital wedding photography will be a total success!

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