Dec 21 2009

6 Why’s for Setting up a Glamour Images Blog

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Nowadays almost any prominent artist – or the one with desire for prominence – needs to be appropriately represented in online world. The Beauty Photography niche doesn’t make an exception –there are so many blogs, forums, websites, portfolios and much more.

Why do newbies and hardcore pros of glamour photography in large numbers now create sites and blogs to represent themselves? There is a number of good reasons for that:

  • At the moment it looks like online presense is a must – every day the pressure to be online increases, as it is a perfect field to build up one’s credibility, market oneself and gain recognition. The Web is a great field for self-PR – contrary to offline promotion, this strategy is more flexible, inexpensive and time-saving. Using this modern publishing mechanisms it is relatively easy to become an established authority in very little time;
  • Glamour photographers need to network, present their work, find customers, discuss techniques – just like any other professionals. This is all doable and affordable nowadays thanks to this new world online;
  • With Glamour Pictures being fully digital, it’s now a whole lot easier to bring them in front of an audience compared to the old days when they needed to be printed. There’s no need to involve film any longer – ergo, digital photos can be conveniently stored on one’s hard drive, showcased in online galleries and easily displayed in one’s Internet glamour portfolio.

Considering this trend, you might as well want to establish your little online haven to market your expertise, trade your skills, share your knowledge and boast your proficiency. However, prior to creating a real website, I would strongly advise to start a blog and see for yourself, how much potential this format has. To put it simply, there are 6 top musts that speak for such an idea.

To begin with, there’s nothing simpler on the Web than blogs – to use them effectively, you don’t have to be a pro of HTML, CSS and suchlike specialized stuff. Instead you only need to register a domain name, sign up for web hosting and install the blogging platform of your choice (like WordPress). It is very easy to adjust and customize your blog, so there will be no problem with making it appear original and stand out of the crowd. New content can be added lightning-fast and with little effort, which makes blogging an ultimate choice for most people.

Has it come to your mind for what reason glamour photographers and ordinary marketers are so crazy about blogs, not websites? This is due to them being more comprehensive. Establishing the connection between the author and the readers is very important; blogs help to accomplish it by initiating the conversation – the very thing most websites fail to do. Tell your audience that you are concerned about what they think – and the efforts will pay off.

To be honest, the peak of blogs’ popularity is yet to come – this trend is rising rapidly. The ever-increasing number of Internet users grasp the idea of blogging and become a part of this tidal wave. It’s a good idea to contribute to this community through unique content, ideas, experiences and self-marketing. It will help to differentiate yourself among others, acquire renown and affirm your online presence.

Besides, blogging is a very flexible instrument; when it comes to functionality, it is unrivalled in terms of both quality and quantity. A blog is altogether for collecting knowledge and for sharing thoughts – everyone could use well-written articles or helpful tricks now and then. Your blog can become a “hall of fame” with your glamour pictures in it, a showcase of your infoproducts, a platform for marketing your profession of glamour photographer etc. To put it simply, your blog could be anything.

Fifthly, blog has a great potential for monetization. A fine glamour artist possessing certain experience and skills in this genre could generate some good income from running a blog – earning percentage from advertising, marketing their products, giving their talents for hire, being a personal photography teacher and much more. Blogging is highly adjustable and has great earning potential.

Lastly, blog is a must for expressing your personality in the online world. You can’t possibly promote yourself more effectively than through your very own glamour blog. Even considering strong rivalry in the world of glamour images, you still possess everything required to find and occupy your well-deserved place in it.

The fact we live in informational society is often under-estimated. Infortmation has become an object of trade, a valuable resource and an essential instrument. The Web is a true goldmine for any aspiring glamour, waiting to be explored and exploited. Blogging is merely one of the ways available to create both reputation and revenue. The world of digital photography and the internet is crumbling with unexpected treasures and lucrative opportunities – make sure you have your fair share.

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