Jun 09 2009

5 Tips for Better Photography using Canon Wide Angle Lenses

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Here are a few tips to help you take amazing photographs, using the Canon wide angle lens. The lenses do a great job at capturing a greater area in your photographs. The subject may be the image’s focus; however, by using this wide angle lens, you can make good use of the background in the picture to add interest. This way the picture will capture a larger story instead of just a photo; for example, in a picture of two children playing on the beach, you may have captured a small fishing boat going past in the background.

With regards to the larger lens, the wide angle lens gives you a stronger depth of field. This is great in that it will not only give you a foreground and a backround, you will also have a much better chance of keeping everything focused. On the other hand, if you were using a bigger lens, you would have to have the aperture more closed. This would cause a reduced shutter speed, and the need to use a tripod,which would make the process more time consuming. With all that extra work, the depth of field may not have the strength it would have with the use of a wide angle lens.

The best thing about using Canon wide angle lenses is that if you are taking photo shoots of such things as railroad tracks, a jetty, or anything that may stretch into the distance; the use of a  wide angle lens will really give you realistic photos. They will produce a photo,where you will actually feel that you can walk along the railroad track. The wide angle lens will give strong lines to the picture.

The wide angle lens also gives  another dimension to a picture giving the illusion that things at different distances are further apart than they actually are. Objects in front look smaller,while the objects in back seem much more distant.

It is really fun and not as hard as it looks to learn how to use a standard or a digital Canon wide angle lens. If you are looking for the best selection and best prices I would recommend Amazon.com

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