Mar 28 2009

5 Secrets For Choosing the Best Digital Picture Printing

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Today's photographic market is simply flooded with a diversity of high-end and yet user-friendly equipment. Consumers have access to some remarkable technology, which can be contained in even a "compact" digital camera.

Unfortunately the at-home printing process has yet to truly catch up with the capabilities of the many digital cameras, and most consumers still turn to alternative resources for obtaining high-quality photographic prints and products.

Among the most popular choices are the many digital picture printing companies accessible on the Internet. These groups make a wide range of helpful photographic services available in addition to providing prints, but not all are the same. There are a few good tips for selecting the right providers, and the five most common "secrets" for choosing the best digital picture printing services are below.

1. It isn't all about the digital age - Prior to the advent of digital photography there was film, and today's photographers still have dozens, or more, packages of negatives, slides and rolls of film that require safe and reliable conversion to digital pictures. A major area that many consumers ignore is this one, and it is actually quite important to find a digital picture printing company that offers more than just the digital services. However there are many that will still process undeveloped rolls of film, but a good company will, at the very least, offer conversion of existing slides and negatives into digital files and prints.

2. The Internet offers options - all online digital picture printing services require their customers to "upload" the files they want printed, which means that the websites have copies of a consumer's images. Also, this means they should be able to manipulate this information into an accessible format for the customer, and any friends or family that they would like to share the pictures with. In addition to offering digital picture printing then, a good service should provide a public "album" that others can view and order prints from.

3. Quick and easy - Simple to use software and quick turnaround time should be no problem for a quality digital picture printing company. Today's technologies and rapid shipping providers should make it very affordable and simple for them to provide all of their customers with a simple computer application or software package that makes it very quick and easy to upload, edit and manipulate their digital images, which should also be able to be printed and delivered in a short period of time.

4. Promises, promises - Warrantees and guarantees are operative words where a digital picture printing service is concerned, and a consumer should choose a company that provides a "money back" guarantee and an assured level of customer satisfaction. This means a “free trial” printing of their first upload, and an unquestionable service from their software, website and shipping areas as well.

5. Creative outlets - modern digital picture printing services have just as many creative resources as the "at home" printers, meaning they can create "iron on" transfers, stickers, magnets and even more products and merchandise with a consumer's images. It is a good idea to work with a company that is aware of these options and makes as many affordable and creative products available as possible.

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