Aug 12 2010

5 Photo And Camera Backdrop Strategies To Master Digital Photography

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As soon as you’ve discovered how to stay away from the famous “red-eye” syndrome, there are still several techniques to get better pictures, camera backdrop, composition, exposure settings, and so forth… taking photographs can be described as a never ending, exciting journey.

Have you been capturing images that you simply realize could’ve worked out a great deal better than they did? It happens to all of us – including the skilled photo shooters.

Here are 5 digital camera and camera backdrop strategies that can assist you to move from beginner to unquestionable master of film or digital photography, regardless of the kind of camera you work with.

1. Compose Conscientiously

Among the most basic of digital photography advice is to pay thought to what is in the frame of the viewfinder. The ENTIRE frame. (It is very astounding how few of us do!) Be aware of all four corners, watch out for stuff that will appear as “Horns” sticking out of the subjects head and ruin your shot!

Fill your frame with the subject!

Pay attention to the camera backdrop! Featureless blue sky, for example, behind an individual model throws off the color balance of the picture and decreases visual attraction.

Consider the natural form of the subject matter. Does it appear more horizontal? Shoot it that way… Next test out a little experiment… twist the camera vertical to find out if a vertical shot may have more impact than a horizontal photograph of exactly the same subject.

Evaluate capturing a vertical model – horizontally! Who knows? It might turn out stunning!

You may also experiment with placing your model off towards the side, rather than in the center of the frame.

2. Take Fantastic Close up Pictures

If your lens or your camera includes a “macro mode” – visualize it as a big magnifying glass. An extreme close up of something like flower petals is able to produce form and textures that you simply never knew were there, and more importantly will insert excitement to your photography. Fool around using this setting, you’ll find dozens of ways to use it to boost your pictures.

3. Get a Tripod

Blurred photographs result if your hands move even a little bit. One way to mend it is to avoid slow shutter speeds. Faster speeds “freeze” the subject.

Except, if you avoid slow shutter speeds, you are eliminating a vast proportion of the inventive options! What to do? Purchase a tripod.

Acquire one which is light and easily transportable. If you get sick of lugging it around, you will begin leaving it (in addition to most of your creative alternatives) in the vehicle.

4. Get Imaginative

Stop photographing everything at eye height!

Get up far above the ground, down low, take the photograph on the top of a teeter-totter, swinging on a tire, over the side of the boat, while revolving in circles!

Thoughts out of the box can really pay off in unforeseen ways. You’ll truly get once in a lifetime photographs through adding a small amount of ingenuity to your thoughts.

5. Make use of a pro camera backdrop

Among the most important contrasts involving amateur and pro quality photography would be the camera backdrop. Using a pro camera backdrop often is the fastest and easiest way to immediately take your picture taking, to a complete new degree.

For the essentials, you will need a solid black, solid white and several other assorted “Old Masters” design camera backdrop. The commercially made, pro quality camera backdrop can cost hundreds of dollars… however they’re straightforward to make yourself so save your money.

And no, you need not be a pro photographer to work with a pro camera backdrop. However, you WILL look like you are a pro!

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