Sep 17 2012

5 Great Ways To Turn Your Photographs Into A Work Of Art

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Taking photographs is one of the most exciting things in the world. It’s why there are millions of people around the world that consider photography their favorite hobby. It’s why there are so much cameras get sold year in year out. But what do you do once the photo is taken? In the past it was quite obvious. You’d take it to the local camera shop and they would print them for you. If you were really lucky you got a choice of a few sizes. Then you would go home and maybe look at them once per year. The rest of the time they’d be stored in the basement.

These days the tables have turned. You can take a photograph and literally do anything with it you like. You can store it on your computer, which is great, but it’s not exactly exciting. There are even special websites you can visit that’ll turn your photographs into anything. Everything is digital so all you need to do is upload a photo and choose what you want done. Now you can really turn your favorite photos into something special. In case you had no idea what options you have available we can go over them now.

Have a canvas print made

These things are absolutely beautiful and would look great in your home. You could choose any photo you like and have a company print it onto canvas with a lovely matte finish. They can be so bright and colorful which really livens the place up. You can even do cool things like have the photograph stretched over more than one canvas, so it looks a lot more professional when it’s up on the wall. They would definitely make the perfect gift for someone you care about.

Turn it into a magnet

If you walk into some homes you will see photos stuck to the fridge with tape. People like to remember the good times and love having their favorite photographs somewhere they will always see them. You could take it one step further and have your favorite photographs turned into fridge magnets. You can have something that will last for the rest of your life. If you want to add a little spice to your car you could also turn them into a car magnet to advertise something.

Lovely invitations

When you’re throwing a party you want to stand out. It could be anything from birthday parties to a wedding. You need people to attend and you will have to send them invitations. If you have a special photograph you could have them printed on special made invitations that will guarantee you stand out from the crowd. They’re also good to keep as mementos to remind you of your special day.

Have a poster made

You’re a little older so you want your home to be stylish. A poster would look seriously out of place on your wall. But what about the kids? They love to take photos as much as you and they would love to turn their favorite ones into posters to put up on their bedroom wall. The best thing about having a photograph turned into a poster is that you get to choose what gets printed. You don’t have the same power over something that gets ripped out of a magazine.

Say hello from abroad

When you’re away on holiday you will probably never put your camera down. A lot of people send postcards from abroad. You could combine the two and have your favorite photographs turned into postcards. Then you could send them to all your friends and family back home. Show them what you’re really doing and why they should be jealous. A little more work than buying one from the shop, but it’s up to you.

Ronald Hodge is a British graphic designer, photo book publisher and blogger. He suggests using online photo books as they offer a host of user-friendly features.

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