Dec 22 2007

What is the Best Digital Photography Printer?

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Although digital technology allows people to display and store their images using various media which are reputed to last for centuries, there’s still something to be said for having an actual photograph in your hands, ready for a photo album or a frame. Displaying digital images using various types of high-tech equipment can be a bit expensive, and thus many people still prefer to showcase their digital images using the conventional picture frame, or photo album.

I am sure that you have noticed that each company produces a different kind of digital photography printer and then goes all out in proclaiming it to be the best. This can be frustrating for the buyer. You want the best, but what constitutes the best printer? So you go into the store and tell the person at the counter that you want the best digital photography printer available. And then you get hit by this question: “Best in what way?”

What, indeed, does the term “best” mean when you are selecting a digital photography printer? As with most of things in this life, the term “best” is relative. What’s best for you may not be the best for somebody else. In order to minimize your confusion, here are some standards you should use:

(1) Cost – many people actually try to choose the best digital photography printer based on the cost. Of course, most people will claim that quality is expensive. Hence, the most expensive thing in the store must have the highest quality. Others define “best” as being the cheapest. They believe that if they find the lowest-priced digital photography printer available, they would have found the best product for them.

It is important to remember, however, that companies often take customer psychology into account when they are pricing items. Some deliberately price items low in order to encourage sales. (they will get your money through the sales of custom ink packs!!!) Others deliberately price items high in order to give buyers a sense of prestige.

(2) Design – some people go by the looks when they are choosing a digital photography printer. Because of this, many companies today hire top-notch artists and designers. People want equipment that looks good. They want to buy a digital photography printer that lets them express themselves through its sleekness and overall appearance.

Design isn’t all about looks. Design is also about function. Many companies today design their digital photography printers to be more appealing functionally to people. They often design digital photography printers to be compact in order to encourage people who, today, think that small is always better.

(3) Features – nowadays, people want a digital photography printer that does everything. This is understandable, since having such equipment means that you have to do less work. Some of the digital photography printers available today are so packed with features that it is actually very surprising that they don’t make lunch as well.

Just remember, however, that sometimes having fewer features can be an advantage. This is especially true if you are looking for a digital photography printer which can perform one function well.

Consider your thoughts on the above 3 items, especially #3. If you just want plain 4×6 prints, based on a hook-up to your computer, then you have many possible answers to your question about “best”. If, however, you want a small portable printer that works by connecting directly to the camera, or by reading the memory card, then you have fewer printers to choose from.

Do not be concerned, though, that more features will cost an “arm and a leg”. I have recently looked at some models from Epson and Canon that were small and portable (even ran off a battery system) and did not need a computer to operate. The pricing was quite attractive.

The last bit of advice I have for you in your quest to find the best printer? Do some research on the web. Fire up your favourite search engine. Do not just go to manufacturer’s sites; look for reviews by ordinary people like yourself. Then go to the store equipped with knowledge and more detailed questions, so the salesperson cannot overwhelm you with techno-babble.

Happy printing to you.

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