Apr 07 2010

Wedding Photography Using The Strobist System

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As a paparazzo there are lots of different routes you could opt to explore, however there’s one thing that all photos rely significantly on, the employment of light. Get this elemental point wrong and its just not going to work.
Be it social documentary, wedding photographer in Cornwall, sports or portraiture, lighting is critical.
An ever-growing popular movement inside photography is whats known as strobist. This involves a reasonably minimalist approach to working, no massive lighting rigs or power packs, just some lightweight light stands, some umbrellas and some flash guns trigger by wireless radio triggers. Used properly this will produce some dramatic affects. The incontrovertible fact that it requires a reasonably small amount of hardware implies it is ideal if youare a fashion, music or marriage snapper. It also implies that if you’re trying to work to a tight budget, as a new photographer only starting out then it’s not going to costyou your house to buy all of the equipment.
What you want On Location

  • Remote Control to Fire Flash
  • Light Modifier for Flash Unit
  • Off Camera Flash
  • Knowledge to mix Flash with Ambiant Light

This is another excuse for its skyrocketing recognition. You can as with everything take it to extremes and spend tons of money ( if you have it ) on expensive lights and power packs and generators to tote around with you, but this also means you need more folk to helpyou out with the shoot.
Due to the massive celebrity culture that surrounds us everyone is now aware of the type of photos stars want us to see of them, glossy well edited pictures of the celeb looking there best, this also transfers into the kind of photographs celebrities have taken of them on there wedding day, because everyone seems to be forced to see these photographs on the T.V. Net or in mags, people desire their wedding photographers from Cornwall to be able to reproduce these fashion style high end photographs, and this is where we come back to using wireless remote caused flash, the simplest way to attain that glossy magazine style look.
There is a wedding photographers from Cornwall whos abilities are ever advancing and covers all areas of photography and uses this strobist method.

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