May 20 2007

Shutter Lag on a Digital Camera

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Based on conversations that I have had with a number of friends and co-workers, I would advise you to forget those megapixels. And that 10x digital zoom? You don’t need it. In fact, here is a new criteria for your next camera purchase – shutter lag.

Shutter lag is that almost indescribably long gap between the moment you press the shutter-release button on your point-and-shoot camera and the moment the camera actually takes the picture.

What exactly is happening?

  • Your camera checks the amount of available light
  • The shutter speed and aperture are set for a proper exposure
  • The autofocus system does its thing

And do you know what happens after all that? Nothing. Whatever was in the center of your view-screen is usually gone by that time.

So, how do we get rid of this problem? Here are 2 methods that may work for you.

  • Buy a new digital camera with a shorter shutter lag
  • Prepare for the photo by pressing the shutter button half way down a second or so before the best shot will be available.

Method 2 may or may not work; you will have to experiment with your camera. Check with your manual first.

Method 1 works if you have the budget. Check out a variety of digital camera’s, either on-line or at your local retailer. Ask to see the technical specs on shutter lag.

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