Oct 07 2007

Lens Hoods

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The lens hood for my Canon EF 28-135mm IS lens retails for about $40. Why would I want such an expensive little piece of plastic?

A lens hood prevents stray light from entering the lens and helps to improve the image quality. A good lens hood can nearly eliminate flare caused by stray light from outside the angle of view. Lens flare can result in lower-contrast images or even annoying glowing spots in the photo.

It also physically protects the lens. If you accidentally swing your camera into an object, the lens hood may be able to absorb the blow and save you a broken lens.

My lens hood is petal-shaped, or some would say tulip-shaped. This is to allow it to match the angle that light travels to get to my rectangularly shaped sensor. My hood is also covered on the inside by a light absorbing material.

Back to the $40.

If you would rather not spend the $40, you may be interested in http://www.lenshoods.co.uk/ where you can get designs to make your own lens hoods from dark matte cardboard. To quote their site …

This site contains PDF documents that can be printed and cut out to make lens hoods for a variety of 35mm and digital SLR camera lenses. Lens hoods give better quality photographs by reducing flare caused by nonimageforming light.

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