Nov 08 2008

Jazz – Competitor to Flip?

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I recently bought and reviewed the Flip Camcorder. Now, along comes a lower priced competitor, the Jazz. How do they compare?

They both use 2 AA batteries, but my Flip included a starter pair and the Jazz does not.

They both work for YouTube, but the Flip is 640×480 and the Jazz is only 320×240, so if you want to make a full screen home video, get the Flip.

The Jazz has a better microphone.

The Jazz USB is only 1.1 so transfer is slower. BUT, the Jazz® Pocket Camcorder uses an SD card (bought separately) so you can remove it and plug it into your computer’s USB 2 port. Flip does not use removeable media.

I will stick with my 640×480 Flip.

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