Mar 12 2007

It’s All in the Bag

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Camera Bag, that is

When you purchase a new camera, you should also buy a bag so that you’ll be able to protect your camera while traveling. Camera bags are available in all sizes, and they are each designed a little differently, so you should research many different bags before you choose just one. Remember that you should look at your photography equipment as an investment, and a bag will help you keep this investment safe.

The most important thing to look at when buying a camera bag is use. You want a bag that will hold everything you’ll generally need to bring with you when you are taking photos. When shopping for your camera bag, bring your camera with you to the store. Your camera should fit well in the bag, and there should be room for extra accessories. Make sure the bag you buy is big enough for your needs, but not so big that it will be difficult to carry or that your camera will tumble around in it as you travel.

The material from which the camera bag is made is also important. First off, you want something to keep your camera and equipment safe. Therefore, your camera bag should provide lots of padding, especially for pockets that will hold extra lenses if you have a professional camera. Make sure the bag is strong, so it will not tear. Remember to check out the shoulder strap for strength-nothing is worse than your shoulder strap tearing while you’re working. You could ruin valuable and expensive equipment this way. Another thing to think about in the material is weather resistance. Generally, you will have to travel in the rain at some point, even if it’s just from you car to your house. Waterproof material will keep your camera safe.

Another way to keep your camera safe is to make sure you get a nondescript bag. This will come in handy if you are traveling in inner city areas or using public transportation. A bag that is clearly holding expensive equipment is definitely more likely to get stolen than a plain bag. For this reason, some photographers opt to use backpacks or duffel bags when using trains and planes, and that is a great option as long as you can also be sure that your camera will be protected in these bags from breaking. The one that I purchased is a backpack style, with good padding and adjustable compartments inside. Mine also has a spot designed to hold a small laptop computer. That way, if I am away from home overnight I can use the laptop to download the newest photos and show them to others right away.

Overall, it is simply important to get a bag that will make you feel comfortable transporting your photography equipment from place to place.

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